When we know better, we do better. 

This unique customizable program coupled with our one-on-one coaching is a recipe for a perpetually organized home.

Understanding how and why clutter happens for us and therefore how to establish systems that work with our habits and lifestyle rather than against is fundamental to long-term change.

We'll take you through the process of developing an action plan that will allow you to actually complete your home organizing projects, without becoming overwhelmed.

We'll do so using our four point clutter identification system.

organize YOUR way

Your Instructors

Chloe Hanson & Mindy Foster

We've built out our exact whole home organizing process into bite size pieces you can manage in your own home.

No judgement. We all have habits that contribute to our way of life. Harness and use yours to create and maintain a home you can feel proud of.

We have 5 years of experience working in your homes and a lifetime of experience living an organized lifestyle.

Using your cluttering and organizational styles as well as your tolerance level, you'll clearly implement systems that will respond to your specific habits and lifestyle

We're going to show you how!

Disorder Tolerance

How much clutter is too much clutter, for you?It varies for each of us.

Organizational Style

Has clutter always been a problem or has life impacted its effect?

Cluttering Style

Do you prefer everything put away or left out?

Does your working style
need accountability?

Some will. Some won't.

My experience says, if you have numerous projects in progress, you would be most likely to succeed with this program by adding our one-on-one coaching program.